Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curriculum Games - Part I

I have been active in Christian education for almost ten years, in addition to the six years before that when I was earning a B.S. in elementary education and an M. S. in secondary education. In the Christian schools I associated with, the big curriculum question was "ABEKA or BOB JONES (University Press)?" Considering my 2 degrees are from Pensacola Christian College that is part of the same ministry that publishes ABeka, I am sure you can see where my allegiance was in that issue.

When I made the decision to homeschool my two sons last spring, my knowledge of homeschool curriculum was limited to ABeka, Bob Jones, and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Boy was I in for a surprise! There are many, many more players in this homeschool game! I have found so many curriculum options, it is overwhelming at times! But I love the fact that there ARE so many options, I can pick and choose to make a customized program for my boys!

I am going to attempt to give an overview of some of the options I have discovered that I love. If you are interested in writing a guest blog about a curriculum you use and love, please message me.

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  1. See my current series of posts for actual writing on this topic. I would love to hear from readers about their curriculum though.