Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Homeschool Curriculum Preface to 4 Part Series

I am a terrible blogger, but I do not promise you a daily or a frequent blog ever. I love reading; I love sharing what I've read. I will do it when I can. And I have not forgotten about those books I mentioned in my last post; I just think this is more important.

Today I am starting a series of blogs about the curriculum I use homeschooling my boys. I think it's a great time of year for this, as my homeschooling friends and friends who may be considering homeschool are starting to think about next year. Or maybe you're not, but I am! The reason I have recently solidified my curriculum choices for next year is that I am trying to buy used/preowned or take advantage of sales/convention specials. So far I have saved close to $200.

Before I began, let me preface that your WHYS of homeschooling are a very important factor in the curriculum you choose. When I started homeschool this fall, my why for my son Will was different than for my son Alex. Alex was basically just along for the ride, and I wasn't sure that I was going to like the ride, so I ordered pretty much all the same material he would be using if he had continued at our church's Christian school, where he attended last year. A number of my friends homeschool because they cannot afford a private school's price tag, because they live too far away from their local Christian school, because public school is not an option that meshes with their belief system, or because there is no Christian school in their area. . . those reasons are different than mine, and those reasons allow for different curriculum choices. I get that and don't knock their reasons or their curriculum. I wish they'd stop feeling like they have to defend their choices to me; it makes me feel awkward.

One of my main WHYS is "to give my sons an customized education that fits them as individuals." That being said, I will take the next four posts to share the curriculum I use with my boys and why I have chosen it for our program. Happy Reading!

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