Monday, June 18, 2012

The Ministry of Motherhood GIFTS plan

What I did not get to in The Ministry of Motherhood introduction study questions was question #5 which says to write out a plan for using the GIFTS plan with your children. We've all heard the expression, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." and for the most part I agree. But having just written a plan to "build my house," I think I will focus on that plan before I try for something else! But I wanted to share the GIFTS plan. This is referenced in more than one title I have from the Clarksons and is discussed in depth in their books. This is their parenting plan.
G - Gift of Grace - the desire and ability to relate personally and lovingly to God and people
I - Gift of Inspiration - desire and ability to view all of live in the light of God's purpose
F- Gift of Faith - the desire and ability to  know God through his Word and Spirit and trust him for every area of life
T - Gift of Training - the desire and ability to grow in Christian maturity and godly character in the power of the Holy Spirit
S- Gift of Service - the desire and ability to minister God's grace and truth to others
(The Ministry of Motherhood, p. 15)

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  1. I have misplaced this book so have not been able to continue writing about it.